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How to Get Your Gold Coast Dentist Practice onto Page 1 of Google

How to Get Your Gold Coast Dentist Practice onto Page 1 of Google – If you are a Gold Coast Dentist looking to rank better on Google, this Dentist SEO article will walk you through the options and start generating more clients.

There are TWO Fast Ways to get your Gold Coast Dentist business on Page 1 of Google.  The first is expensive – Google Adwords. We are a certified Gold Coast Google Adwords expert, and if you want to go down this road, please ring Terry on 0468 420 470 for a Free Consultation.  However, “Gold Coast Dentist” is a highly competitive term and thus expensive.

How to Get Your Gold Coast Dentist Practice onto Page 1 of GoogleThe second way is even faster – and can be almost instant!  Simply RENT a page on this website that is already ranking for your Suburb.  We add details of your Dental Practice to the page, images of your staff and, most importantly, your contact details.  Renting a Gold Coast Dentist page that is already ranking is significantly cheaper and quicker than using Google Adwords.

After the two fast ways, there is the slow way of doing it – Doing it Yourself.  We promised you details on “How to Get Your Gold Coast Dentist Practice onto Page 1 of Google” and so here goes for the slow laborious way.

By far the most important thing is the selection of your keywords.  You need at least 6 keywords that tightly define what you do, and where you do it. “Gold Coast Dentist” has around 19 MILLION results on Google – so good luck with that, especially if you are new to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  The secret is to get into your clients head and ask, “what would they type into Google?” and then optimise the page for that search term. If you live in Arundel and have a raging toothache, you are not looking for a drive to a Coolangatta Dentist!  Local Rules!

“Affordable Arundel Dentists” has 1.5 million results on Google – we are usually number 1.  “Affordable Ashmore dentist” only has 390,000 results in Google – this site is usually in the top 3 results along with other keywords related to Ashmore Dentists. “Affordable Dentists in Biggera Waters Gold Coast” is another term that this website appears for, usually in the Top 3 Google Spots.

By Renting any page on this website you IMMEDIATELY get exposure on Google Page One at very reasonably rates.

It is critical that your business name, full address, and phone number appear on your website home page – we make sure it does, in a format Google can read (it cannot read images).

Backlinks to your web page are also very important, and in a regular steady stream.  We bookmark every page on our site at regular intervals.

Getting into Local Directories AND linking back to your web page is another important factor. Social Media is also important and we are Experts in providing Gold Coast Dentist Videos.

The Title of your page should include your main Search Term and you should also have Images tagged with that search term, plus including it in your Description.  The Load Speed of your page is important for both Google and your visitors – waiting for a slow page to load does not work in 2021!

“75% of all website clicks on Google are from the first page” – Advanced Web Ranking, 2019

The above are just examples.  Ring Terry on 0468 420 470 and we will provide the results for YOUR Suburb, along with the price to rent the page.  Our Service is great for both Established Gold Coast Dentists and especially for new Gold Coast Dental Practices. If you want a full dental website we can also help you with that. Lets get started today with helping you with How to Get Your Gold Coast Dentist Practice onto Page 1 of Google!